The Apocalypse War

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    After the events of Block Mania, Mega-City One is severely weakened. The Sov's launch a surprise nuclear attack on the city...

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    The Apocalypse War is an epic 25-part Judge Dredd serial from 2000ad (progs 245-270).

    Written by: John Wagner and Alan Grant

    Illustrated by: Carlos Ezquerra

    With Mega-City One severely weakened by Block Mania, Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East-Meg One (who, with Judges Vlad and Snekov comprise the ruling Sov diktatorat) breaks decades of uneasy peace by launching an all-out nuclear assault on MC1.

    After the missiles have flown, ground forces invade, led by ruthless War Marshall 'Mad Dog' Kazan. Supported by Strato V aircraft, Rad Sweeper tanks and killer robot Sentenoids, overwhelming numbers of Sov troops cause Dredd and the remaining survivors to engage in a desperate guerrilla war to maintain control of the streets.

    Unexpectedly, Kazan eliminates the diktatorat, and takes complete control of the Sov forces, setting up base in the captured Grand Hall of Justice. Chief Judge Griffin is held prisoner, and becomes a victim od Sov psycho-surgery, transforming him into a propaganda tool - forcing Dredd to assassinate him. The lawman barely escapes with his own life, assisted by his loyal droid - Walter the Wobot.

    Dredd hatches a plan to end the war once and for all, leading a nine-strong team on a virtual suicide mission. Against all the odds, the squad successfully infiltrate a Sov missile silo and Dredd destroys East-Meg One along with its population of half a billion people by launching their own nukes at them.

    Finally, Dredd executes Kazan and the dispirited Sovs agree to unconditional surrender, with the survivors heading for their sister city of East-Meg Two.

    Judge McGruder (former head of the SJS - Special Judicial Squad and only surviving Council of Five member), is sworn in as the new Chief Judge. With over 400 million dead, the arduous task of rebuilding MC1 now begins.


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