The Antithesis

    Character » The Antithesis appears in 9 issues.

    Currently trapped in Limbo, the Antithesis is an enemy of the Teen Titans.

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    Mostly a mysterious creature, no one knows who or what the Antithesis really is or where he comes from. He is considered the first official villain of the Teen Titans, as he and his "sidekick", Mister Twister, were the first villains that they fought as an official group when the Antithesis was able to mindcontrol the mentors of the original Teen Titans, Robin (Dick Grayson), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Kid Flash (Wally West), Speedy (Roy Harper Jr.) and Aqualad (Garth), forcing them to fight their mentors in order to prevent them from committing crimes. Once defeated, the Antithesis swore vengeance upon the Teen Titans, especially Robin, their leader. Defeated, the Antithesis was imprisoned in Limbo.
    Some time after that the Antithesis, while still in limbo, transported Mr. Twister and brought him to Limbo, transforming him into the being known as the Gargoyle as a way to get vengeance upon the Teen Titans, by breaking their trust for each other. The Antithesis is still trapped in Limbo, but it is debatable if Gargoyle is still alive and if he has returned to his natural state. 

    Powers and Abilities

    The Antithesis is a psychic vampire, and feeds off other peoples' anger and sadness. He is also a telepath, and uses mental manipulation.

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