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John Miller was an average teen who spent most of his time observing and studying the world of ants. One day while observing an ant-hill the local bully, Rex and his gang of misfits destroy the ant-hill before tossing John into Old Man Smith's backyard falling onto a group of ants in the process. It was then John was struck by a beam of Energy X combining the ants amazing and natural abilities into John. John later found out he possessed amazing strength, speed, agility, the ability to burrow beneath the earth and crawling up and down walls. John then used his new powers to stop Rex and his crew from mugging an old man of his corner store and it was then John vowed to use his powers to protect weak as The Ant.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength: John, like an ant, can lift up to 10 or more times his own body weight thus granting him the power of superhuman strength.

Superhuman Speed: The Ant is capable of running at speeds far greater than an ordinary man.

Superhuman Agility: The Ant is quite agile and flexible being able to be quick on the draw.

Burrow Travel: Able to burrow beneath the earth and pass walls with ease.

Accelerated Metabolism: The Ant's accelerated metabolism makes him immune acid and radioactive damage.

Ant Control and Ant Swarms: Capable of controlling ants of very large size and summoning swarms of ants to blind opponents.

Ultrasonic Squeal: Able to scream at ultrasonic frequencies stunning people whether friend or foe.


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