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    #1  Edited By Coldblood-6

    Wow, Can we get Amazing Spider-man combined in some fashion.

    There seems to be 3 series for essentially the same comic, albeit this is some renumbering that marvel did but its currently in 3 places.


    2nd Series

    More of the 2nd Series

    From a continuity standpoint the issues should be going...


    Then 1-44

    Then there is a dual numbering mess from 45/486-58/499

    Then its 500 onward.

    Essentially this is one continous series as the numbering has reasserted itself to the original (1963) publication numbering.

    It would probably be best if they were combined into one series and renumbers continously from 1-539 with a note in the issue description to provide for the 1-58 renumbering.

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