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The Amazing Spider-Man. Hearing it and just looking at a few things in it, it looks good. Nice costume, some cool special effects, etc. Then all the acclaim it's gotten It looks pretty good. Then, you actually sit down and watch it. I'm going to start with a little story going into it.

Before I saw it

I saw Spider-Man 3 in 2008, a little under a year I got into comics. I loved it. It was just so awesome. I was waiting years for Spider-Man 4. Then, it was canceled. I was very angry, but I just looked at past things like Batman Begins and the Incredible Hulk, where reboots are usually awesome. So, that's what I did, just think it'll be good. But as time went on, the worse it looked. Trailers made it look bad, and the cast looked awful. But there was one user (I would prefer to keep him nameless) who kept talking about how good it was and said it curbstomped Batman Begins and tied for his favorite movie along with The Avengers. That was very high praise, so I was excited. I went and bought it the day it came out and watched it that night. It's two hours of my life I'll never get back and 25 bucks I'll never get back.

I'll give the good (not much) and the bad in it now. Now, we are approaching minor spoilers. You've been warned.

The Good

This ALMOST got a tumble weed rolling by. There's not much good. The only good things in the movie are:

  • Gwen Stacy - I was a bit iffy when I heard Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. She was very good in the role. She is the only good casting in this movie. She looked good in the role and acted very well. Unfortunetly, she was unable to save the bad casting and script.
  • Spider-Man's costume - As much as I hate seeing costume changes in movies, I kind of liked this one. It was just similar enough but just different enough to be awesome.
  • Stan Lee - Could it even be a Marvel movie without a Stan Lee cameo? No! He had a great role. During a fight between Lizard and Spider-Man at a library, Stan is there working and listening to music, unaware the fight if going on behind him. It was kind of funny. Sure, not as funny as in Thor or Captain America: the First Avenger, but still.
  • The Credits - I'm not talking about the stupid mid-credits scene. That was horrible. I'm talking about the credits themselves. While watching them, we finally knew the movie was over and we would never have to watch it again.

The Okay

I decided to break it down with stuff in the middle. Only one thing is okay and the rest is terrible.

  • Curt Connors - No, not the Lizard. Curt Connors. He was okay for casting. Could of been better, could of been much worse. But it could of been the greatest acting choice of all time and he couldn't save this debacle.

The Bad

This will be long. I don't know where to begin. Let's start with the top down.

  • Spider-Man - The costume was awesome. That's about it. Here, Spider-Man is some guy who goes around acting like a jerk whenever he can, does a terrible job keeping his secret identity, refuses to fight with his mask on, and forgets half-way through the movie that his Uncle was killed. And what Spider-Man doesn't try his powers in wrestling first? As for Andrew Garfield in the role, more on that next.
  • Peter Parker - First off, that was not Peter Parker. That was some punk kid who carries around a skateboard, uses the myspace of search engines, breaks everything, and never stops twitching. Andrew Garfield was lifeless in the role and wasn't acting. He was just reading a script and repeating it.
  • Aunt May - Possibly the worst of the movie. Sally Field was a horrible Aunt May. She alone made you want to saw off the top of your head, grab an ice cream scoop, and scoop your brain out. That'd be better than watching her as Aunt May for 30 seconds. And she's suppose to be a major
  • Uncle Ben - This was horrible. Just horrible. The only Uncle Ben type thing about this was getting shot. He was lifeless, written badly, and he couldn't even just come out and say "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility," he had to dance around it.
  • Captain George Stacy - The actor was horrible, lifeless, tried to oversell the role, and didn't even look like the part. It's that hard to get hair color right? Moving on. I don't feel ling making myself angry.
  • Flash Thompson - Again, I don't feel like angering myself. He looked nothing like Flash, looked seedy, and like he'd be hiding in the bushes to stalk Gwen Stacy. Though that was already taken by Peter. Leading me to my next point.....
  • The Romance - The hottest girl in school falling for a creepy stalker? Well, it did prove that love conquers all. Even when you have giant wombs that require immediate medial attention. I don't care how smart Gwen is, just go to a hospital Peter! You already can't keep a secret identity.
  • Peter's promise to George - This one contains major spoilers. If you haven't seen it, don't! If you don't follow my advice but don't want anything spoiled, skip over it.
  • George Stacy makes Peter promise to dump Gwen so she won't be in danger. Good. It shows that Spider-Man doesn't always get a happy ending. But then he goes and pretty much says that he's getting back together with her? Do these writers know anything about Spidey?
    • The Lizard - Curt Connor was okay. Lizard was terrible. He goes through all the crap with his origin. He looks horrible, does nothing, etc. And how does the Lizard thing effect Connor's mind so much but not is intelligence? Agh! and why is Connors so conveniently connected to people in Peter's life?
    • The Burglar - since when does the Burglar have a tattoo on his wrist? and why do so many people in this movie look like him? And why is he just completely forgotten half way through the movie? AH!!!!!! SO MANY QUESTION ABOUT THE STUPIDITY OF THIS MOVIE!!!! I'M DONE WITH THIS REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

    My Final Verdict

    My final Verdict: It's Meh at best. AT BEST. It's closer to horrible. DO NOT get this film. Repeat: DO NOT get this film. it's a waste of time and money. At least Batman & Robin is so bad it's funny. This is so bad it's terrible. Don't waste your time and money. Go get a good movie like The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers.

    My overall rating: 2 of 5 stars.

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