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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie Preview 2

Reboot officially titled ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Columbia Pictures announced a while ago that the title of the next Spider-Man film will be ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. The studio simultaneously released a photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, the first shot of Garfield in the famous full mask and suit. Andrew Garfield portrays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Emma Stone stars as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans stands in the spotlight as the film’s villain, under the direction of Marc Webb.           ...

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Spidey is Amazing!!!!! 0

I was nervous to see the movie, but now I glad I saw it and it was amazing. In the movie, we saw Peter's parents leave him and see how it affected his life. He found his father's briefcase and soon met Doctor Connors. I enjoyed seeing Peter and Gwen together and thought it had some sweet moments with them. The death of Uncle Ben was different, but we actually get to see it, which I thought was cool. I enjoyed how Peter was funny as Spider-man in the car scene and how he swung around New York, wh...

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As Good as the "Adjectiveless" SPider-Man Movies 1

I'll cut right to the chase. I'm comparing this movie, to the original Sam Rami Spider-Man Movies.Yes, I know it is a reboot. Yes, I know the the 3rd movie bombed,. Yes, I know it unfair to compare. But keep in mind. Those Spider-Man movies help bring back superhero movies. It was one of the highest grossing movies made. The real problem I had with the 3rd one (outside of dance scene) was the rushed climax. I think Marvel may have jump the gun to reboot the series, all too soon. I mean, X-Men ha...

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A New Twist on Spider-man's origins 3

Here is my video review for the Amazing Spider-man movie. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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The Amazing Spiderman Review (no spoilers) 0

THE AMAZINGGood ol' Spidey action!Spidey's movements were a lot more gangly and spider-like (as depicted in the most popular artists' renditions of the character i.e. Steve Ditko, Todd McFarlane, and Mark Bagley). The action scenes are worth the 3D ticket. The Lizard was a truly scary looking critter, especially when… oh, nice try.Casting was Spectacular.Though Ms. Emma Stone I would picture as more of a Mary Jane, and Ms. Dunst as more of a Gwen Stacy, Ms. Stone makes a much better Gwen or WHAT...

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A Different Take - Liked It! 0

The film is not "better" than Tobey MacGuire's version of Spiderman in the first film; in fact it is not really a "remake." It's a reimagined version.What's best about this version? The fact we return to the original Stan Lee(creator of the Spiderman mythos)/Steve Ditko (original artist) tale of a nerdy boy who falls for Gwen Stacy. And like that original story, we have Captain Stacy, a kind Uncle Ben (played seriously by Martin Sheen) and a very sympathetic Aunt May (surprisingly well by Sally ...

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Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever Sam Raimi can, only better 0

Before we get into things a few clarifications. First, this review will contain spoilers but for the sake of those who have not seen the film yet, I shall keep them to a bare minimum. Second, I will not be comparing this to the original Sam Raimi trilogy, at least not in this review. Sometime later I will be posting a blog comparing the two. For now, all I will say on the matter is that this movie feels like someone saw the first one and said, “Yeah, that was okay, but I can do better.”I’m not g...

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Good... With Flaws 0

It was EPIC! Finally, something with a guy who looks like Spidey to me! Maguire was an ugly, dorky cry-baby. They were focusing more on the wimpy high-school Peter in the original series, and his look didn't match the rest of the series. However, I think Andrew Garfield could be teenage Peter AND adult Peter!However, he are my problems with it:LIZARD - I like him overall, and he did have his lab-coat in most of the movie, but the rest of it he ran around naked. I know its a human/Lizard combo, b...

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Spider-Man=Epic Movie 0

Before I saw the movie, I thought it would kinda suck because some of the trailers made it look less exciting than it actually was. The movie was fantastic, and is, I think, definitely recommended to the fans of Marvel who are dedicated to the original Spider-Man. It showed that his first girlfriend was in fact Gwen Stacy, and not Mary Jane. He also had web shooters instead of a wrist full of web. It also showed Peter Parker's sarcastic side of humor and a bit more of his personality than the 20...

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Amazing! Literally 0

This film for me was the biggest surprise comic film wise this year as I wasn't expecting much after hearing a quick reboot straight on the announcement that the previous series was cancelled. I also thought that Andrew Garfield would be terrible as he was a lot older than meant too be was was very surprised me but I'll talk more on that latter.I unlike a lot of critics liked how they retold the origin as although we saw one only 10 years ago but this is a reboot so I personally class it differe...

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Spider-Man Begins 0

Spider-Man is reborn for a new generation! Well, actually, it’s probably more like the same generation, only slightly older. But either way, he’s back again, for the first time, in The Amazing Spider-Man. WARNING: There be Spoilers.The Amazing Spider-ManIt is nearly impossible to review this movie without comparing and contrasting it with the other Spider-Man films of the 2000’s. But despite the recentness of those movies and the necessary adherence to the same source material, I’m going to try ...

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A Little More Down-To-Earth Spider-Man; But Is That A Good Thing? 0

Did we really need a reboot already? Seriously, it's only been five years since the last Spider-Man film, and only ten years since web-head first made it to the screen. Yes, of course director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire needed to move on, but that doesn't mean a new cast and crew couldn't pick up where they left off?Well, for whatever reason, some studio exec thought we did, so The Amazing Spider-Man was immediately saddled from the get-go with having to spend half it's running time re-int...

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The Amazing Spider-Man Review 0

I recently re-watched the Amazing Spider-Man movie and all i have to say is that from the opening scene to the scene on the bridge is THE GREATEST SPIDER-MAN FILM EVER. The acting is great. Garfield is superb as both Peter. He captures the awkwardness and shyness of Peter well and the writing gives Spidey the humor he needed and unlike Maguire, Garfield can actually say witty banter without it feeling forced out out of place. The writing does a great job at transitioning a shy and awkward Peter ...

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Horrible 9

The Amazing Spider-Man. Hearing it and just looking at a few things in it, it looks good. Nice costume, some cool special effects, etc. Then all the acclaim it's gotten It looks pretty good. Then, you actually sit down and watch it. I'm going to start with a little story going into it.Before I saw itI saw Spider-Man 3 in 2008, a little under a year I got into comics. I loved it. It was just so awesome. I was waiting years for Spider-Man 4. Then, it was canceled. I was very angry, but I just look...

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Phenomenal 0

Starting over is hard, but this movie is definitely worth accepting the change. It really captures the real Peter Parker and origin of Spider Man, the kind Sam Raimi decided not to use. What I think is better about this movie is the fact that they actually start from the days before Peter met Mary jane or Gobby instead of after. And unlike Sam Raimi's films, it's not centered around Peter's personal romance. Certainly recommend this to any Spidey fan...

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Its Good To See He's Back 0

This is the Spider-Man film we have all been waiting for, better actors and better origins story.When I saw they were reebooting Spider-Man, i was reluctant to go and see it and in all truth i was blown away, Andrew Garfield plays an AMAZING part as Spider-Man, and Emma Stone is handsdown a better love interest.Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy, and ...

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Not Amazing but Far From Terrible 0

In the summer of 2011 FOX released a prequel (read: reboot) of their than tarnished X-Men franchise, rushed into production, out of contractual obligation than an obvious want to make a good movie. Surprisingly FOX managed to get Matthew Vaughn to direct and James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender to star. Even more surprising, X-Men: First Class turned out to be lots of fun. If you replace FOX with Sony, Mathew Vaughn with Marc Webb, James McAvoy Michael Fassbender with Andrew Garfield Emma Stone, you...

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Very horrible 1

This movie mess up my child hood, the music is not right , I get it in the comics Spider-man 1st girlfriend is Gwen Stacy , but the lizard was so gross looking and oh he has lizard fetish . I mean the original was more acturate to the comics and aunt may dose not have black hair , she has white hair and the costume nothing like amazing Spider-Man when I think of the amazing spider man I think of his first appearance of his comics and the 2000 Spider-man movie. This new costume is Spider-man fre...

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Entertaining, But Not Too Amazing 0

I will freely admit that I was a bit uncertain about going to see The Amazing Spider-Man movie. First off, the costume wasn’t impressing me. I’m not so much a purist that I demand every single detail in a comic book-based movie has to be perfect, but if they do effect a change—I do demand that it has a good reason; say aesthetically. And frankly, it wasn’t. The costume looked stupid in my opinion. Clearly one of Spider-Man's superpowers is not fashion design or the abilit...

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The only thing Amazing is calling this bomb Amazing. 0

High School student Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) sneaks onto a science fair with hopes of meeting Dr. Curt Connors (Ryhs Ifans). He eventually breaks away from his group and begins snooping around until he comes into a lab filled with genetically altered spiders. He’s eventually bitten by one of them, and later learns that he has some how developed spider-like abilities. -summaryWhile many folks will credit Bryan Singer’s X-Men film (2000) as the actual film to jump start the super...

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