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    "Spiders, Spiders Everywhere"

    *Nearly 50 years in the making, the story which Must be read: J. Jonah Jameson: The Spectacular Spider-Mayor?!! ‘Nuff Said? Almost, because if that wasn’t enough, a long running member of the Spidey cast has to make the ultimate sacrifice…


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    "The Spectacular Spider-Stache" 0

    There's something intangible about why I don't love this issue of ASM despite really enjoying reading it. Dan Slott is certainly doing a good job with a fantastically fun event in Spider-Island, but he's not doing a great job. The writing and jokes are not hitting as funny as he thinks they are and so much is happening in the book that the writing takes a back seat to just reminding/telling the reader about everything that's going on. It's good to tie in all the, well, tie-ins, but there's so mu...

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    Strange Things Are Happening To Me 0

    I love this issue for the same reason I think most people will hate it: it's a jumbled mess.  If it were a TV show, it would probably be a soap opera with it's constant jump cuts to what's happening with the rest of the cast.  But as I mentioned before, Slott is doing an amazing job of keeping all the mini-series tightly involved with the main book.  This really should be the template for all future Marvel events. Unlike Fear Itself, there's a reason to grab up all the extra issues.  For example...

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    Look out, here comes the Spider-mayor! 0

    Synopsis: Spider-Island begins to manifest with Jonah Jameson being caught in the middle of it.What's Good?After the last issue, Dan Slott continues to step up Spider-Island in part 4 of this arc. Spidey is still trying to make sense of it all now that people with spider powers now turning into giant spiders. The Queen gives us a brief background for those not familiar with her, or forgotten about her, along with the reveal from Venom #6 about Spider-King. Jonah Jameson plays a major role in thi...

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