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one of the best secret wars story arcs so far

YEAH I SAID! SO SUE ME , it's nice to read a story without a bunch of stupid "Thors" floating around or a overpowered villain we been fighting forever "COUGH" "COUGH" Doom. Remember when Thor was like special? Now their passing hammers out like condoms during sex ed. Anyways back to this amazing story concept and before you ask is it canon? NO but let's face it half the stuff in secret wars isn't gonna matter here soon anyways so its nice to see a world where mary jane and peter parker actually have a life because that's probably not gonna happen. Its super refreshing to see venom back in his rightful place as a crazy lunatic psychopath that pushes spidey to the very edge . The sight of their daughter is every spider-fan's dream FINALLY! This takes place in a world where a super baddie (NO BIG SPOILERS) takes out every other super hero and spidey is moral is crushed by the experience. PRICE look this is one of the good story arcs but i would not pay OVER TEN DOLLARS for a varied edition. For direct editon two to three dollars top (it's been out a while) . This is a amazing story arc but like i said its not gonna stick its pretty much a what if? BUT it sure is one hell of a what if.

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    Solid (SPOILERS!!!) 0

    So lets recap on Vol.3 so far; The first arc sucked, Black Cats character was ruined, sh!t dialogue, Silk sucked etc, then there was some filler, move on, then Spider-Verse one of the most hyped up stories of all time, that started promising then turned into a complete an utter mess of an event. Basically there was too many characters and not enough issues or pages to flesh them out properly, (yeah I know there were tie-ins but I'm just going off by issues 9-15). Then another three issue filler ...

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    Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 0

    This issue is such a treat. I really love Dan Slott writting Spider-Man but he hasn't done as good of a job encorporating Spider-Man classic supporting characters. His recent series showed very little of MJ and not a lot of appearances of classic villains outside of the Green Goblin. This is a great "what if" story that really feels like classic Spidey....

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