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Classic Amazing Spider-Man Stories

The Story:  
Spider-Man encounters a man named Ezekiel who has similar powers as himself. Ezekiel warns him about a threat coming his way. Spider-Man then encounters Morlun and is beaten severely by him. He eventually comes up with a way to defeat him. Aunt May walks into Peter's apartment and finds him sleeping in his bed in bad condition after his fight with Morlun and sees his Spider-Man costume on the floor. Spider-Man seeks out help from Doctor Strange in defeating a villain who calls himself Shade. He enters the Astral Plane and defeats him there. Peter's relationship with Mary Jane is still rocky. Peter and Aunt May head out to Los Angeles to visit Mary Jane. While there, Spider-Man tries to stop a fight taking place between Doctor Octopus and another man who stole Doctor Octopus's technology.
My Thoughts:  
These are very old, classic Amazing Spider-Man issues reprinted in this ultimate collection for us to relive and enjoy. The high point of this collection for me was the confrontation between Spider-Man and Morlun. To put it simply, the fight was just epic. This is why I love Spider-Man so much. He took a huge beating but never gave up and just when he thinks he's overcome a huge obstacle, another one presents itself as Aunt May finally discovers her nephew is Spider-Man. I really enjoyed reading the issue pertaining to 9/11.

The low point of the collection for me would be the arc about a low-grade street villain named Shade who was abducting junkies off the streets. Even seeing Doctor Strange in that arc didn't help make it any better. I was glad when that was finally over. 

The collection picks up at the end as the last arc involves and old foe of Spider-Man's. It was nice to see Spider-Man go to Doctor Octopus rather than him coming after Spider-Man. Spider-Man gets in the middle of a fight taking place between Doctor Octopus and a man who stole his technology from him. Once again Peter is torn away from Mary Jane who he was trying to apologize to when he has to put on the costume and rush to save the day.

The art is done by John Romita Jr. and in my opinion has its highs and lows. I enjoyed the art the most in the Morlun story arc. Often times I found the art to be less than satisfactory, feeling it was rushed and just lacked effort on the artists part. But there is a certain quality to it that just gives you that classic, old school comic book feel as you find yourself turning page after page thinking to yourself that this is exactly why you love comic books so much.

If you're a huge fan of Spider-Man and haven't had the opportunity to read these old issues then this is something you should definitely check out. It's definitely worth it. I would recommend it to new or old fans of Spider-Man. If you haven't read anything of Spider-Man before this is a good starting point. You can easily jump in and understand everything and begin to enjoy one of Marvels most prolific superheroes.

Rating: 4.5/5

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