cm_cameron's The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 - Identity Wars, Part 1 of 3 review

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    It's Spider-Man, But With A Cape And Stuff


    Spider-Man, The Hulk and Deadpool all take a road trip to a parallel dimension where, for Spidey at least, things are a bit too good to be true.


    • I really wasn't expecting this to be nearly as good as it was. From the synopsis, I figured this would be a silly story that I'd get a few laughs from and then forget about, but Layman proves my assumption to be very wrong here. The story here is surprisingly, and effectively, dark and thought provoking. It gives us a look at a very different version of Peter's life that came as a result of only a few slight changes to his story. Peter, Ben, and May all get a "what could be" moment and each is interesting for different reasons. Perhaps what's best about it all, though, is how Peter reacts to what's so intimately familiar, yet so bizarrely different.

    • This issue isn't all serious business, though. There's plenty of lighthearted dialogue for you to enjoy. Layman's script is full of great lines from Spidey and he uses Deadpool in the best possible way: Hardly at all. I kid, but in all seriousness, Layman shows that he has a good grasp on his cast of characters and uses that to create some very funny moments. Even Garbett gets in on the act with a few funny visual gags that I got a kick out of.

    • It's quite interesting to see what Spider-Man would be like if he had the business skills of Tony Stark, the power level of the Silver Surfer, and the awesome lair and stupid cape of Batman.

    • Layman's done a great job of getting me excited about this story. To the point that I actually want to buy a Deadpool comic (which is really saying something). He's shown that he can handle serious and lighthearted material very well, which makes me wonder why I'm not reading Chew.


    • Nothing really to complain about other than the fact that, if I want to continue this story, I'll have to purchase a Deadpool comic, and while this comic has given me reason to believe that Layman can handle the character in a genuinely funny way, I still have my doubts. Call me a pessimist.


    No matter how heat resistant or durable you make them, you'll probably never convince me that capes are cool. They're either too long, and thus, would get in the way of a hero's fisticuffs, or they're too short, which just looks stupid. Batman is an especially laughable case. "I'm Batman. Watch as I place my cape in front of the only portion of skin I decided to leave exposed on my costume in the first place in an attempt to scare you, serving only as a means to muffle my voice and make it difficult for you to hear my already deep voice. Are you not terrified as it gently wafts back and forth as I breath in and out, you superstitious criminal?"


    A great comic, much to my surprise. It delivers on both the funny and the dark fronts and will likely entertain any Spidey fan.

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