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What happened to hard fights with villains?

This annual is an alright kinda thang, but I personally think that what it needs is MORE FIGHTS!!! I mean like, in most other issues with villains you'd think they'd be smart enough to not have their plans backfire-able. For example, Vulture has to be fairly smart to have created his flying harness, yet when he fights Spidey he get thrashed! And last time I looked, Sandman would have had enough brains not to make his "cell" air tight. Apart from the villains being less smart than usual, it isn't a bad issue though. I reckon the bit about Spider-Man's powers isn't bad, (even if in Annual #4 they claim the type of web he uses changes according to how he presses the button, contradicting this issue) and the "How Stan and Steve Create Spidey" is good for a few laughs. But still, it needs villains with BRAINS! THOSE THINGS EVERYONE BUT RHINO HAS!!!

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