The Amazing Spider-Man #97

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #97 - In the Grip of the Goblin released by Marvel on June 1971.

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    Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin persona, once thought forgotten by Peter Parker, has returned. Now, Spider-Man must battle his greatest enemy over the skies of Manhattan.

    At the conclusion of the previous issue, Norman Osborn had just reverted back into his Green Goblin persona when Spider-Man walked into the room. The Green Goblin releases a hallucinogenic gas, which causes Spider-Man to see multiple Goblins, before flying off. Spider-Man then follows him out, knowing that he has to stop him, since he knows his true identity. However, he can't bring himself to hurt him, since he's sick, and doesn't even know that he's the Green Goblin half the time. Eventually, Spider-Man manages to land on the Goblin's neck, and grip his head in between his legs, until the Goblin surrenders. However, upon Spider-Man loosening his grip, the Goblin blasts Spider-Man with a laser, before flying off, thinking Spider-Man dead.

    Meanwhile, Peter returns to his apartment, where he finds Harry Osborn, who is annoyed with Peter, since Mary Jane was flirting with him in the previous issue. Harry then takes some pills, before blacking out.

    At Empire State University the next day, Peter and Harry are walking around when Mary Jane comes over and starts flirting with Peter again. Harry walks off, and is approached by a shady looking guy, who offers him drugs to make him feel better about Mary Jane. After Harry buys the drugs, the dealer tells him that he'll see him again, though Harry claims that he's not getting hooked. Harry then goes to Mary Jane, but Mary Jane tells him that she's not into dating at the moment. Harry thinks that it's all Peter's fault, since Mary Jane only started acting like she is after Gwen Stacy left Peter to go to England.

    Harry then goes to apartment he shares with Peter, and is so annoyed with Peter that he tells Peter to move out. Suspecting something is odd, Peter tells Harry he will move out, although immediately Harry tells Peter not to move out. Harry then says he feels tired, and Peter tells him that he's going out for a while. Once Peter has left, Harry starts taking some of the pills he bought.

    After a bit of futile searching for the Green Goblin, Peter returns to the apartment to find Harry almost unconscious, and very sick. However, just as Peter is about to call the doctor, he hears laughter outside, and looks out the window to see the Green Goblin.

    Note: This issue was not approved by the comics code authority ... it did not print the code in the cover. This issue represents part two of an anti-drug use theme trilogy written by Stan Lee. However, due to the strict rules of the Comics Code Authority, their stamp of approval was not given to issues #96, #97 and #98.



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