The Amazing Spider-Man #95

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #95 - Trap For a Terrorist released by Marvel on April 1971.

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    Peter Parker is on an official Daily Bugle assignment in London—a perfect opportunity to see out Gwen. However, when terrorists begin to stir up trouble, Peter must become Spider-Man to stop them.

    Since Peter Parker is missing Gwen Stacy (who's in London), he goes to the Daily Bugle to try and get an advance from J. Jonah Jameson so that he can go to England. Upon telling Robbie Robertson why he needs to go to London, Robbie agrees that he can get Peter some tickets to England, provided Peter takes some pictures whilst overseas. After saying goodbye to Aunt May, Peter gets dropped off at the airport by Harry Osborn, before getting on the plane and heading to London.

    When the plane lands at the airport, the passengers on the plane are told that they are being held hostage by terrorists, who have placed a bomb under the plane, and will blow it up if their terms aren't met. Peter manages to sneak away and change to Spider-Man, before getting rid of the bomb. However, the terrorists still manage to see an American delegate an his son before escaping. Spider-Man manages to follow the car the terrorists are in and put a spider-tracer on it, but has to get off the car to avoid some gunfire.

    Whilst Spider-Man searches the city for his spider-tracer, he inadvertently passes the house where Gwen Stacy is staying. Gwen notices Spider-Man, and passes out, since she's worried that he'll kill her like he (supposedly) killed her father. At the same time, Spider-Man finds the terrorists, and manages to defeat them after setting up his camera. However, the hostages are nowhere to be found, and one of the terrorists says that unless their comrades are released from prison, the hostages will die at 7. He also mentions that there is nothing anyone can do, as their fate is sealed by time itself.

    After a while of searching the city, Spider-Man realizes that the hostages have been taken to Big Ben, and have explosives set to go off at 7. After reaching Big Ben, he manages to web up the hands, so that it won't strike 7 and kill the hostages. After changing to his Peter Parker identity, Peter is ready to visit Gwen, until he sees a newspaper article saying how Spider-Man managed to foil the terrorists plot. Upon seeing that, he realizes that he can't visit Gwen, or she'll work out he's Spider-Man.

    Meanwhile, upon Gwen seeing the news, she decides that Spider-Man probably isn't a murderer, although she wonders why Peter hasn't come to London to visit her.


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