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The Schemer’s secret: revealed!

At the start of this issue, the Kingpin is looking for the Schemer, who he thinks has kidnapped his wife. However, Vanessa appears just behind Kingpin, and claims that she hid in the shadows because she found the scene distasteful. Meanwhile, the Schemer is fleeing in his car, saying to himself that he couldn't carry out his plans whilst Vanessa was there, since when she looked at him she seemed "to know". The Schemer then accidentally crashes into a truck, and damages his car.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker is at home, feeling bad since he's broke, and Gwen Stacy's birthday is coming up. At that point, Gwen and her father Captain Stacy coincidentally come in, saying they want a talk. Captain Stacy asks Peter why he's always been able to get such good photos of Spider-Man. Worried that Captain Stacy is getting too close to his secret, Peter claims he's got photos developing in the darkroom at that moment, and leaves. Once he's out of sight, he changes to Spider-Man, and comes back into the apartment through the window, claiming to be looking for Peter Parker. Gwen tells Spider-Man that Peter left hours ago, and Captain Stacy and Gwen leave, so that Spider-Man doesn't suspect that she's lying.

Back at the Kingpin's house, the Kingpin is looking at a copy of the Daily Bugle, which has pictures of Spider-Man's fight with Kingpin. However, Kingpin notices that one of the pictures shows Vanessa showing the Schemer a secret passage out of the Kingpin's house, and accuses her of helping the Schemer. Vanessa asks Kingpin to trust her, that she was doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man's still looking for the Schemer. After some searching, he finds the Schemer's car, and follows the footprints in the snow to where the Schemer is hiding. Although the Schemer manages to use a smoke grenade and tries to get away, Spider-Man gets rid of the smoke then captures the Schemer anyway. Spider-Man then takes the Schemer to where the reward poster said. However, upon getting inside, it turns out to be a trap from the Kingpin, who lowers a magnetised net over Spider-Man, before asking the Schemer what there is between him and Vanessa.

The Schemer explains that in a school in the Alps, Richard Fisk was inspired by his father, and studied and trained hard to be as good as him. However, upon finding out that his father was the Kingpin, he went walking in the mountains, and never came back. The Kingpin asks what the Schemer's interest in Richard is, and the Schemer takes off a face mask to reveal that he is Richard Fisk. This puts the Kingpin in a state of shock. Whilst the Kingpin is in shock, Spider-Man takes advantage of this to escape from the net, and leave.

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