The Amazing Spider-Man #75

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #75 - Death Without Warning! released by Marvel on August 1, 1969.

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    Still looking for Curt Connors and his family, Spider-Man finds two gangsters and convinces them to give him the address of where the Maggia have taken Curt Connors.
    At the said building, Silvermane has just de-aged by forty years, although Man-Mountain Marko is skeptical. Caesar Cicero walks into the room and is similarly surprised. Caesar quickly tricks Man-Mountain Marko into thinking that it's an imposter, and runs off whilst Marko tries to stop the younger Silvermane. However, Silvermane is skilled enough to stop Man-Mountain Marko, who finally believes that it's a younger Silvermane. As he points out however, Silvermane is getting younger by the second.
    At this point, Spider-Man bursts in, and defeats Man-Mountain Marko easily. At the same time, Curt Connors runs off, knowing that the Maggia will kill him and his family when they see the final result of the serum. However, as he had predicted earlier, the stress gets to him and he turns into the Lizard.
    Silvermane continues fighting Spider-Man in the lab where he took the serum, although Spider-Man notices that he keeps getting younger, already in his late teens. Caesar returns to the lab, ready to finish off Silvermane and Spider-Man, but whilst Spider-Man fights Caesar's thugs, Caesar runs off in fear at seeing how young Silvermane has gotten. 
    Silvermane has worked out by now that he's getting too young, and runs off. After Spider-Man sees him running off, he follows him into a room, to see him de-age into nothingness. He then finds Billy and Martha Connors, who tell him that Curt is either injured, or has turned into the Lizard.  



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    dmstarz's 250 favourite marvel comic covers no121 0

    You know, it's been a long time since I've read this, so forgive me if I can't recall who the dead guy on the floor is.  To an extent, it doesn't really matter, as the cover here is really all about the webslinger's reaction.  Simply put, I love the way Romita has him both walking to us, head in his hand and also away from us in the reflection in the window.  The mood of loss is also intensified by the fact that most of the cover is shrouded in black.  It helps remind us that Spider-man is not a...

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