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At the mercy of Quicksilver's fury! After deciding to give up his life as a super villain, Quicksilver looks to join the Avengers. But when they're not at the Avengers Mansion, he believes he can get in their good graces by bringing in New York's greatest criminal....Spider-Man?!

At the start of this issue, Peter Parker is thinking about how he accidentally caused J. Jonah Jameson to have a heart attack (in the previous issue). After throwing his costume in a fit of rage, Harry Osborn comes in, and Peter narrowly manages to retrieve his costume without Harry getting suspicious. After Harry goes, Peter remembers that when he fought Kingpin at Empire State University (several issues back), he took pictures, and can use them to prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, Quicksilver arrives in New York, looking for the Avengers. His mind flashes back to how he, his sister (the Scarlet Witch) and Toad all were forced to work for Magneto, and that no one will believe that they were forced. However, the Scarlet Witch reminds him that the Avengers would listen, and so Quicksilver went to New York. When he arrives at Avengers Mansion though, Quicksilver is told by Jarvis that the Avengers are currently in Africa. At first Quicksilver believes that he won't have a chance to prove his righteousness, when he sees a newspaper headlined "Spider-Man Wanted!".

Meanwhile, Robbie Robertson has taken over J. Jonah Jameson's duties at the Daily Bugle, since Jonah is still in hospital. Peter Parker sells Robbie the photos he took earlier, and gets more money than Jonah would ever have given him. He has also worked out a way to get rid of the ancient clay tablet which he's in possession of, and gives it to Captain George Stacy (as Spider-Man).

Spider-Man is just swinging away when he is attacked by Quicksilver, who wants to capture him so that he can prove his innocence. Although Quicksilver's speed gives him an advantage, Spider-Man manages to defeat him by predicting where he will move and putting his arm out. Upon Quicksilver regaining consciousness, he decides that Spider-Man isn't as evil as the newspaper made him out to be, and leaves.


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