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Intresting story but fast and forced ending

[Spoilers Below: you have been warned]

It is very interesting to note how a super villain is trying to avoid killing any innocents and imposing the same on his super-villain team while on the other hand the doc ock as "spider-man" doesn't care much about causing pain to the one he is fighting or maybe even the innocents. He is breaking jaws and maybe some bones without regret!

What seems a little forced is doc ock getting emotional at the end and realizing how "tragic" life is and feel the same pain as peter parker has witnessed all his life! What feels tough to digest is this happens in just a "Zap". I think this could have been an evolving realization rather than just 1-2 pages that he does while Peter is dying (inside doc's body). It seemed too fast a change to believe or accept it!

The back story at the end seemed a bit gut-wrenching though not sure what the whole idea of having that in this issue was. The vague alternate names given such as general america for captain america and the art of avengers on a page where he recalls being part of the team are really awesome. Black cat's date night story seemed kiddish - readers can do without that.

Cool feature of this issue is this has all 700 covers printed at the end - 7 pages with 100 covers each! Nice ending but could have been more heavy on the punch at the end.

Overall I can give 3.5 for a nice story, art, and an ending back (future?) story.

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