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Story & Script.

Now let me start out by saying the whole plot of this issue and Superior Spidey, is incredibly incredibly stupid. I mean it's really dumb. Now having said that, I must say it is a different and interesting twist. Does it make it any less stupid? Nah, but does it help that it's that awesome kind of stupid? Yup, kinda!

The standout scene in the main story is the scene where Peter goes "home". It's a beautifully drawn, and written scene. It's a tad corny, but that kind of corny that I really like. It's a nice little throwback to all of the stories and characters Spider-Man has encountered. The only real problem I had with this scene was Peter's encounter with Captain Stacy. It felt too convenient and corny.

His final conversation with Uncle Ben is also really great. It's kind of like the point where you realize this is the "end" for Peter. Now this issue also features the long awaited return of Spider-Man and Mary Jane's relationship. It's a bit creepy, well actually really creepy. It also feels a bit too convenient, like all this issue Spock's been nothing but a jerk to her yet she still loves him. I feel like that's one of the key problems with this issue it all felt a bit too convenient, but I'll get into that a little bit later.

One of the other cool things that comes out of this issue is how desperate Peter's become. Working with criminals he helped put away, attacking a police station, and even telling the villains to do what they gotta do(Kill Spock). It's a really interesting aspect of this issue.

Now back to that convenience I was talking about earlier. Well it comes back at the end of the issue with the big battle. After it appears that Spock kills Scorpion, J. Jonah Jameson is all happy and wants to be Spock's best friend. It felt extremely forced, convenient and continues this trend of making Spock a total Mary Sue.

I'm really hoping this doesn't become a trend within Superior Spider-Man and they don't just have everyone fawn over how great Spock is. That as well as the ending of this issue with Otto realizing that he needs to be a great hero is convenient and out of character. Then the whole scene with Carlie...ugh.

Now to that battle. It's awesome, it really is. It's a good final battle between the two. The ending of the battle isn't surprising. Still Peter's last words his dying wish so to speak is a really nice moment. Dan Slott did a pretty fantastic job scripting this issue, despite my problems with the plot he writes some great dialogue.

Now to the backup stories. The first one is a really nice read, I enjoyed it. I hear people saying this is a sign that Superior Spider-Man wont last, it's not. While there is not a doubt in my mind that after 24-45 issues or so the whole thing will revert back(most likely with a lackluster event storyline), this story is so clearly out of continuity. It's a really nice, well written, out of continuity story written for you're enjoyment. I actually think this was my favorite story in the issue.

The Black Cat story is pretty fun as well. It's pretty silly, but it's meant to be. The whole scene with the people walking out of the theater saying how they hope no giant robots attack made me laugh.

This issue is the one that determined whether or not I'd pick up Superior. While I had my problems with this issue, it was still very enjoyable. Yep, condemn me for not being a "TRUE SPIDER-MAN FAN", but the thing everyone needs to realize is that this won't last forever. I mean in this issue alone they've had little subtle hints of possible ways out of this. You just got to be patient. Still haven't read through the letter pages yet but they so far look like they'll be an interesting read.

Art & Cover.

Humberto Ramos does a really good job on this issue and makes me excited for the issues he'll be doing of Superior Spider-Man. The backup stories art is really good too. The cover is awesome.


Outside of my problems with some of the plot devices, the plot itself, and the many many conveniences in this issue I must say I really enjoyed it. It's gotten me interested in the Superior Spider-Man book, which I initially wasn't even in the slightest interested in. Good, and enjoyable issue.

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