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A normal cold day in Peter's life.


A blizzard hits NYC and everyone is at home.A tree crushes in May's house and now she's got no heat.Peter doesnt know.
He desides to check on her,and the issue ends.


The issue is good.Reads fluently and Janson is knocking ,the art, out of the park.
But Peter is always cold for some mysterious reason......a FROSTY reason maybe...(see?....the villian Frost?....i can make jokes....no i cant)
Gee,Pete, get a fan heater.....

I have one major gripe about this.You say(Marvel) that this takes place before the "events of ASM 700",and we all assume it's about 1 month ago,or something......

And here we go with Peter entering the Bugle and Jonah being in charge......wait a minute!......Jonah was in charge of the thing before OMD!!.....because in the first issue of BND he got a heart attack and another guy took over(dont remember the name,wont look it up).
And that leads to the conclusion that Peter is a married man!!.......or,if you prefer the post reboot continuity,they're "living together".....but we see his appartment is empty!!...
I have a feeling that Wacker said to the guys who were making the Amazing 700.(number) issues.. : "So,guys,put ANYTHING you want in there,make any story you feel like making!....if you want to do a story where Harry is on drugs,Norman is "dead",Human Torch is making the Spider-Mobile,and Peter is dating Gwen at the same time,then go ahead!...hey,it's continuity.....NOBODY CARES!!!"

That made me dislike it a little.

But the main vibe of the issue is "a day in Peter's life" and that's not what you expect of a book dedicated to the character who came back,because people love him so much......you expect a thriller!!....you dont get that.

I liked it,i enjoyed reading Peter again.The art is fenomenal.BUT the plot is kinda boring.....thank god the story continues,and we could get something around the road.....a guy can wait.

Image Notes

"Spider-Man (2002)" anyone?!....
This is SO Romita Jr. i could cry.....
This is SO Romita Jr. i could cry.....

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