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What feels like a fill in issue.....IS a fill in issue. 15

PlotAnna gives Peter a pep talk about that he doesn't need to take care of all the people on the planet,and that he's not responsible for everyone blah blah blah,usual Spider-Man crap......Silk decides to move out of Peter's appartment(that's actually a smart move).He goes on a patrol,and meets the new Ms.Marvel.They try to fight a big monster,and the main story ends......just like that.There's a backup Spider-Man UK story,which,to be honest,i didn't care for,that much......Thoughts I ALWAYS rea...

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Pointless Filler 6

This issue as a whole was completely pointless. Slott continues to milk the Peter+Silk pheromone joke that's all ready been going on for the past several months, then some no name villain appears only so they can throw Ms Marvel and Peter in together.And that's basically it. The whole idea of this issue was apparently "Hey lets team up the new Ms Marvel and Spidey, doesn't that sound fun?" and not an ounce more of thought went into it. Ms Marvel interactions with Peter were laughably predictabl...

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