The Amazing Spider-Man #695

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #695 - Danger Zone, Part One: Warning Signs released by Marvel on December 1, 2012.

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    Dark times are coming for Peter Parker and change is closer than even he fears! The Kingpin's latest plan turns one of Spiderman's greatest strengths against him.


    Hobgoblin is raiding a biker bar in Brooklyn for Kingpin when Spider-Man comes in to stop him. Spider-Man is winning the fight when Tiberius Stone activates something on a nearby rooftop causing Spider-Man's spider sense to increase. This does little to affect him so Hobgoblin escapes while he is busy fighting off ninjas. Hobgoblin grabs Stone before flying away.

    Meanwhile, the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, watches Urich and Stone from a rooftop, revealing that he was tracking Urich using the GPS system on the Bat-Drone.

    In Astoria, Queens, Madame Web is surveying the future before sending her daughter to live with Web's parents in Colorado so as to make sure she isn't present when Madame Web dies as she has predicted.

    Peter returns to Horizon Labs to find Max Modell in the middle of an interview with Sally Floyd, a Daily Bugle reporter. She reveals that she has discovered Peter's "connection" with Spider-Man through one of his colleagues. In an attempt to stop the story from being published, Peter goes to the Daily Bugle and talks to Robbie, but he gets turned down. Then, in the presence of Urich who works at the Bugle, Peter finds his spider sense getting more sensitive again.

    In Shadowland, Kingpin is punishing Stone for his previous failure before Stone reveals that he has placed machines that send Spider-Man's spider sense haywire and turns it on, after changing the frequency slightly so it will work to its full extent.

    Simultaneously, Madame Web is saying goodbye to her daughter who is leaving on a bus. After the bus leaves, Web telephones the emergency services, telling them that she is about to need dire medical attention.

    Back at the Daily Bugle, Peter's spider sense begins to increase its sensitivity to the point where every slightest hazard sets it off. After making an excuse and beginning to head for the toilets, Madame Web appears before him in her astral form. She had just had the accident she had predicted and found that she could "see everything". She tries to warn Peter about a flash of gold but is unable to complete her sentence. Unfortunately for Peter, she refers to him as Spider-Man and Urich realizes that this would be the perfect opportunity to capture Spider-Man's friend.

    Peter manages to get out of the building, into the street but finds that his spider sense is even worse. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Hobgoblin knocks him out using gas and carries him off.


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    Is the Cat Out the Bag? 0

    I have been loving the Amazing Spider-Man series for a few years now and have been more and more interested in the series with the mystery hanging over the big change that will occur during issue 700 (with the series ending, and most likely getting re-numbered after). I have really liked Slott's work and hope there is some way he can stay on after issue 700 (although I doubt he will due to the Marvel NOW! changing creative teams on series'). I was also happy to see Camuncoli doing art as he draw...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Spider Sense Going Crazy 0

    SpoilersThis is my first review for anything so forgive me if it doesn't go well!We start off with Spider-Man breaking up a raid by Hobgoblin. I loved the way Giuseppe draws Hobgoblin (I like his art in general but this was a favourite for me). My only slight gripe with this scene is the ease in which Spider-Man fights off the ninjas. This happens all the time with street-levelers but I thought I would mention it. These are highly trained ninjas and they were quite literally all over Spider-Man ...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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