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Amazing Spider-Man #692

Amazing Spider-Man #692

This is one of the comics that we have been waiting for. We have been getting teasers about "Who is Alpha?", and if you read the preview, you know that something interesting is inside this book. I have to agree, this is filled with some awesome things. Starts out with a kid (Andy Mcguire) at Midtown High, he isn't smart, he doesn't stand out, he is just an average teen. His parents don't really seem to care for him in the beginning, but other than that he is just a kid, an average kid. He is a character that a lot of people can relate too. Andy goes on a field trip to Horizon Labs to view Peter Parker's discovery, "Parker Particles", and a "mistake" happens, and as Andy goes to push a girl that he likes out of the way, he is blasted with these particles changing his cell structure. Andy then gets tested by the some of the smartest people in the 616 universe, and turns out he is Alpha Omega power level. Super speed, super strength, energy blasts from his arms, and he can fly. His parents begin to sue for this "accident", and Reed Richards comes up with the idea of turning Andy, into Alpha, the icon super hero of Horizon Labs. Reed tells Peter that he has to mentor him and mold him into a superhero. When Alpha returns to school, he is the talk of the school, and New York, he has his own product, the "aPhone" . The once unnoticeable kid turns into the most popular one. Peter is watching him, seeing how he handles the situation, and he does everything that Peter wanted to do when he was still in school. Andy got a girl, turned into the most popular kid their, and that made Peter think about what if he did that. Later that night, Peter was out while Alpha almost hit him by flying fast, and Peter tells him of his power-level and how he needs a mentor, the "sidekick program". Peter shows him the ropes, and teaches him things. Than the Fantastic 4 call him to help them stop this giant creature. Peter told him to wait here. Alpha was annoyed thinking about how strong he is, just to sit this one out. So Alpha goes in and stops the creature with one hit (While using the Thing's catch phrase). The media comes up and all the attention, and Alpha starts by saying that he is now working with the Avengers and how Spider-Man is his sidekick. Then it cuts into a panel, with the Jackal, and now we must wait for #693 to see where this story is heading.

Should You Get It?

Yes, yes you should. I got the Variant cover pack (All 5 covers). The story is good, I enjoyed the origin of Alpha, and I can't wait to see where this story goes. It also includes some mini stories since this is the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man. Thanks for reading.

The Fish.

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