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    A glimpse of the future leaves Spider-Man with 12 hours to figure out how to stop it from happening.


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    A Great Issue For New Readers 0

    Peter Parker expected a normal day at Horizon Labs, what he didn’t expect was a colleague’s invention of a literal door to tomorrow. Only disaster can follow with an invention like that right? Right! And Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man has to fix what he has broken on an very tight time limit.GoodAs someone who hasn’t read ASM for quite a long time, this was a great issue to jump on the series. This is a great story that deals with the always complicated nature of time travel. It manages ...

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    Jeez Peter, what did you do?! 0

    Synopsis: Can Spidey save New York from being destroyed?What's Good?"Oh, great. A time traveling plot." That was my initial reaction when I first started reading this issue. Time traveling stories are 50/50 for me: They can either be good or bad, no in between. Dan Slott doesn't do anything new with the time traveling formula however, it's how he approaches the concept with Spider-Man that makes it entertaining.Peter has only a couple of hours from preventing New York to be destroyed, and all he...

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    Amazing Spider-Man # 678 0

    Gotta commend the flag ship title, it’s been on fire since issue # 648. It so seems that Peter Parker secret indentity is becoming more compromised. From what we learned back on Spider Island is that when Peter Parker came on TV and revealed he had Spider Powers it undid Dr. Strange spell to keep his secret safe. Peter Parker broke that spell so now it will be a matter of time before other people will figure it out. In this issue Peter Parker has a lot on his plate with saving the city. It’s up ...

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