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Strange Things Are Happening To Me

I love this issue for the same reason I think most people will hate it: it's a jumbled mess.  If it were a TV show, it would probably be a soap opera with it's constant jump cuts to what's happening with the rest of the cast.  But as I mentioned before, Slott is doing an amazing job of keeping all the mini-series tightly involved with the main book.  This really should be the template for all future Marvel events. Unlike Fear Itself, there's a reason to grab up all the extra issues.  For example, this issue validates buying the Spider-Woman One-Shot.  Also, it's great for keeping all the timelines straight.  This really is the best-handled event at Marvel this year.

So everyone's actually turning into spiders now and now everyone wants Anti-Venom's help getting cured.  Something happens between him and Venom that will probably be expanded upon in this week's Venom issue.  And poor MJ - the only New Yorker without Spider-powers.  And Slott gets all the mileage he can out of Spidey's Schaudenfruede at J. Jonah Jameson having spider-powers.  I can't really speak to much else without giving away plot points.

The art is better in this issue and doesn't suffer from any obviously gross deformities.  (no pun intended because the spider-people are totally gross deformities)

I'm enjoying this event and Slott has been doing a great job with the right amount of exposition.  If he can keep up this level of polish once the event is over, it'll be great for ASM fans.

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