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Everyone is affected by Spider-Island



I really liked the art and concept for this cover. I thought it was pretty cool to see some superheroes wear Spidey’s costumes over the year.


Peter has learned that everyone in New York has spider powers and that includes his girlfriend, Carlie. Now Peter has to stop all of this madness, but all of Spider-man’s friends cannot tell who the real Spider-man is.  

Best Part

In this issue we really see everyone being affected by Spider-Island. We get to see Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Carlie in this issue and how Spider-Island is affecting them, but not forgetting story that has been developing before Spider-Island. For Example, Aunt May and her husband are still moving to Boston even with all the craziness happening in New York City. With that part of the story Peter says goodbye to Aunt May and this was a very touching moment in this issue because when Peter says goodbye instead of saying goodbye Aunt May he says goodbye Mom. Which I thought was very fitting because Aunt May really is Peter’s mom and I am glad they added that in this issue. Also I want to say I have been super excited for this story arc and I have been trying to guess what will happen but I have to say I did not guess some of things that have been happening the story, which I think is a very good thing. Especially with the story that Spider-man friends do not realize who is the real Spider-man is and I am excited to see how they are going solve this problem.

Worst Part

In the story there was no worst part.


Even though I like this art for Amazing Spdier-man. For this issue it was a little sketchy at times. This especially holds accountable for scenes with Carlie in the beginning of the issue, but other than that the art was pretty solid.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 ½ out of 5

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