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YES! Spider Island begins and it's great!! 0

I think Dan Slott is becoming one of the all-time great Spider-Man writers, if he wasn't already. This new event that begins here has the potential to be one of the all time great Spidey arcs. I think it's that good. I'm a big fan of Humberto Ramos' art, and it has undeniable energy and life. The way his pencils carry this issue as it kicks off Spider-Island: it's just perfect. Dynamic action, hilarious facial expressions, this issue has it all. Keep it up, guys!...

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The first issue of ASM I enjoyed. 0

I have only read a couple random issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, but this was the best one I've read.   The city has been infested with genetically altered bed bugs that are giving citizens spider-powers. Jackal organized a team of spider-powered thugs to wreak havoc around the city. And Peter is trying to get to his girlfriend Carlie (who now has spider-powers) before she gets killed trying to be the "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Cop."  The Good " Power may be an abundant resource on Spider-I...

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Everyone is affected by Spider-Island 0

  Cover I really liked the art and concept for this cover. I thought it was pretty cool to see some superheroes wear Spidey’s costumes over the year. Story Peter has learned that everyone in New York has spider powers and that includes his girlfriend, Carlie. Now Peter has to stop all of this madness, but all of Spider-man’s friends cannot tell who the real Spider-man is.   Best Part In this issue we really see everyone being affected by Spider-Island. We get to see Mary Jane, Aunt Ma...

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No Longer Spider Man, just everyday man 0

I LOOOOVEEEE Dan Slott's ASm series, so let that be known. And this issue does not disappoint. How will Peter survive this arc? He is no longer special as he once was. How will Peter deal with it?  THE GOOD Loved the interaction between Carly after receiving Spider powers and Pete. Puts him not telling her on spot. A really human way of showing there difference. Then the tarantula and spider king showing there strength when the street hoodlums started to escalate out of control. Jackal's plan st...

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Better Than a Spidery Transmitted Disease 0

For two straight issues I've been complaining about Dan Slott over explaining everything to death. Now that "something is happening" I'm beginning to realize that he was trying to cram in explanation and story details for new readers. I wouldn't say he's got a perfect hang of things. I mean, actions in panel are still unnecessarily explained, but it's all balanced out by the most important part of a spider-book: HUMOR!I've always loved Spider-Man for one reason: his books trend on the lightheart...

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Good Part 1 0

Although we had the prelude last issue, it appears the story is still heavily in setup mode.  In fact, other than the opening scene with Carlie showing Peter that she has spider powers, the action doesn't really start until the last 1/3 of the book.  It's even hard to tell what the Jackal's real plan is, other than making everyone hate and distrust Spider-Man.    The issue does setup the beginning of either a breakup or a growth moment for Spidey and Carlie's relationship early on.  This issue l...

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The epidemic is finally here. 0

Synopsis: Spider-Island begins. What's Good? After waiting for months, Spider-Island finally starts. Seeing Peter's reaction to Carlie's spider-powers was hilarious as he tries to grasp the situation (spidery transmitted disease lol). The kicker is Carlie tells Peter about these powers, and yet he hasn't been completely honest with her. Let's see how long it will take before something goes wrong with their relationship or it Peter winds up telling her that he's Spider-Man. But that's just the be...

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The Ultimate Summer Blockbuster Begins... 0

This is really one story arc that I know i'm going to enjoy. After all that time of waiting and everything, Spider-Island has officially begun! I have to say I was totally psyched when I saw the summary for this arc! Everybody in New York gets spider-powers! WOW! Mr. Dan Slott, you are incredible genius to come up with something like that. Now let's get down to business and get ready to enter Spider-Island! The Plot: The issue begins with in Carlie and Peter's apartment with it looking like Carl...

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Make a goofy idea highly entertaining regardless of the so-so art 0

"Spider Island" is a strange and preposterous concept. But that doesn't mean it can't be a good and entertaining story. "Amazing Spider-Man" #667 is part one of Marvel's spidey event and it doesn't take long to get the action going. Using last issue as the setup, here we are immediately shown new characters with spider powers, the orchestrators of the outbreak, and the full-scale chaos that ensues.  Dan Stott knows how to write Spider-Man. This issue features much of what we've come to expect f...

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