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Very Nice Wrap Up...

I really like this cover, in particular the colors and the fact that Brock seems to tower over everyone, as he rightfully should.   
The Good: 
This issue works in so many different levels.  It  wraps up a great number of different past story lines and continues to develop Eddie Brock as an antihero, giving his intentions more depth and merit, and making him (at least in my eyes) even more likable.  I can't say that anything about the pacing or the way that the resolutions were handled bothered me, though there are a few minor details (see below) that I can do without.  It's very classic Spider-Man, with the quips toned back a little bit.  I will continue to state that Slott really knows how to write Spider-Man and his supporting cast. 
The backup story is one that is very cool as well and I'm saddened that we didn't get to see much more of this training besides the pages of this issue and the FCBD issue that introduced the idea of Spidey training with Shang-Chi. 
The Bad: 
A minor detail that I found a little corny (though necessary, in retrospect) is Parker's new voice activated web-shooters.  Thankfully, it wasn't overdone by any means, but I felt that the inclusion and mention of them came across very cheesy (but that may be just because it felt like something Stan Lee would do... which may not be a bad thing, altogether).   
  The only other minor thing is that I'm not sure how people will react to the backup story if they haven't read the FCBD issue of ASM.  I understood what was happening, but hopefully the story itself and what is actually taking place isn't unclear to anyone that hasn't read the other issue. 
Great art, great story.  As other reviewers have mentioned, there is a lot happening in this issue, but it handled extremely well and it doesn't overwhelm.  Highly recommended.  The infested portion may not be all that necessary, but it was a nice addition and a nice touch.  Looking forward to Spider-Island. 

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