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Peter Featured in American Science Journal



The cover art and concept was enjoyable and made me want to pick up this issue. But once again there is a Road to Spider-Island title on the cover but the issue has nothing to do with Spider-Island.


Anti Venom is becoming somewhat a hero and as he is patrolling the streets defeating some of Mr. Negative’s goons finds the ghost of Jean DeWolff. In the meantime Peter is having a great day because he is finally featured in his favorite magazine American Science Journal and he is so happy for his accomplishment. But as May is handing some of them out with her husband she sees Mr. Negative himself Martin Li. Then when he touches her she passes out. Anti Venom is trying to bring down Martin Li but Spider-man stops him because he does not know he is a villain. But the one bad thing about fighting with Anti Venom is if Anti Venom puts his claws in Spider-man he will lose his powers forever.

Best Part

Anti Venom is kind of interesting. With Flash being venom I am glad there is still some room in Spider-man comics for Eddie. He also seems much of bigger threat to Spider-man because he can take away Peter’s powers if he just scratches him. With knowing that in the end of the issue the cliffhanger was really good.

Worst Part

I do not know much about Jean DeWolff. So, seeing her as a ghost did not give me such a impact as it may for other people who are more familiar with her. Also again in this issue we see boring Carlie. I thought maybe we would get awesome Carlie like we have seen in the last couple of issues but in this issue she went back to her old ways.


In the last issue of Spider-man the art was really great and one of my favorites for the series. So, seeing the art change and getting down graded made me not like the art so much in this issue. One thing this series does a lot is change the art after every Story Arc. Which is a good thing and a bad thing because if you hate the art in one story arc there is a chance you may love it or if you loved the art in one story arc there is the chance you will hate it in the next story arc.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

3 ½ out of 5 

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