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Eddie Brock is Back and so is Jean DeWolff?

We are getting closer to Infestation and Eddie Brock returns as Anti-Venom to create more problems for Spider-Man.

The Good

Since his last appearance, I have been waiting for a rematch between Anti-Venom and Spider-Man. Eddie Brock is still a little messed up and seems to be getting the hang of his new powers but what happens when the "ghost of Jean DeWolff" shows up? Will that stir up old memories? Eddie is also determined to deal with Mister Negative who he also owes for his second chance on life. Peter also has something good happen to him but what do you think the chances of something happening to ruin his big day?

Dan Slott is continuing to take Spider-Man in his new direction since BIG TIME began. We are still getting an evolution of Peter Parker that simply makes sense after all these years. As much as I enjoy the typical wise-cracking Spidey, I love seeing smart Peter Parker get a chance to show us what he's capable of.

The next chapter of Infested brings the return of Cloak and Dagger which continues to plant the seeds of what 's to come. The extra back-up story by Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck delivers a timeless tale that can be enjoyed by anyone.

The Bad

I'm still not crazy about Eddie as Anti-Venom. I am totally digging Flash Thompson as Venom and like the fact that Eddie is being used with a new form. It might be the name and the fact that he looks a little more like Carnage than when he was Venom. But change is good, right? Eddie does need to deal with Mister Negative soon. It feels like his vendetta is taking too long. As for Jean DeWolff, I am super intrigued by the appearance of her "ghost" but I'm almost afraid of how it will end.

The Verdict

Peter Parker's BIG TIME change continues as he has his big day. It's a day he's waited for his entire life. Too bad the appearance of Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom and Mister Negative will probably put a damper on the celebration. Slott is back after a two-issue break and it's great seeing Peter Parker showcase just how brilliant he is. The back-ups featuring Cloak and Dagger in an Infested lead in along with a story by Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck are an added bonus. I'm still not used to Brock as Anti-Venom but it's safe to assume we're in for some crazy Spidey vs. Eddie battle action. Now all we need is Venom and Carnage to have a proper symbiote party.

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