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Eddie Brock is Back and so is Jean DeWolff? 0

We are getting closer to Infestation and Eddie Brock returns as Anti-Venom to create more problems for Spider-Man.The GoodSince his last appearance, I have been waiting for a rematch between Anti-Venom and Spider-Man. Eddie Brock is still a little messed up and seems to be getting the hang of his new powers but what happens when the "ghost of Jean DeWolff" shows up? Will that stir up old memories? Eddie is also determined to deal with Mister Negative who he also owes for his second chance on lif...

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A Solid Issue 1

This week's issue of Amazing Spider-Man is a very solid addition to a fairly decent year. Our adventure starts with Anti-Venom stopping a cocaine shipment and in the process learns that there is a something these men fear greater than him. Then our issue jumps to Peter and Carlie in bed, we learn today is a significant day for Peter, he's getting his first science paper published in the "American Science Journal". He gives the good news to Aunt May who is passing out a create full of issues to a...

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Peter Featured in American Science Journal 1

    Cover The cover art and concept was enjoyable and made me want to pick up this issue. But once again there is a Road to Spider-Island title on the cover but the issue has nothing to do with Spider-Island. Story Anti Venom is becoming somewhat a hero and as he is patrolling the streets defeating some of Mr. Negative’s goons finds the ghost of Jean DeWolff. In the meantime Peter is having a great day because he is finally featured in his favorite magazine American Science Journal and he ...

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Anti-Venom returns along with a ghost from the past? 1

Synopsis: Anti-Venom, Mr. Negative, Wraith, people coming back from the dead? What else do we need? Oh, Peter is feature in the American Science Journal. What's Good? I liked that Dan Slott reminded readers that Peter has another job other than being Spider-man, part of both Avengers teams and FF member: Horizon Labs. Thanks to his new job, he's able to use his scientific mind to good use not only for the world, but to help him as Spider-man. Seeing his hard work pay off being featured in the Am...

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Setup for a new arc 0

OK, so now Venom is a good guy - neat.  Not sure when or why this happened as I've been away from comics for a long time, but it does setup an interesting rivalry for the coming books since Brock knows something Parker doesn't.  The story is your standard starting story arc content of "WTF?" and you can't really tell how things are going to go.  But I did add TAS to my pull list so we'll see how this goes.    What I liked the most in this book was the bonus story at the end.  Thanks...But No Tha...

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First Publication. 1

Cover:   This is a much, much better cover than last one, even if it shows Anti-Venom a little spiny.  It looks like it was drawn by Caselli, though it could've been Camuncoli.  Regardless, it looks great.  The Good:   It's really cool to continue to see Parker in great situations for once.  The point is driven home that he is pretty much beyond busy in this period of time in his life, with a successful job, a girlfriend, and his adventures as Spidey in both teams of Avengers and the FF.  A li...

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Spider-Man get's published! 0

I wouldn't say this is one of the best issues i've read, or say the art was extra-ordinary-ly good, at least not in the first few pages, or with the costumes on. The people were drawn quite ok. It's got a heck of a cover, with Anti-Venom, and a 3rd hero/villain/anti-hero/vigilante with a cool carapace-like suit that goes with the arachnid theme. But the art's actually kind of goofy, the colours are... matt? not really. Bright? The whole issue is a bright issue, but hey! It's a good day for Spide...

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