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Classic and pretty funny.  I love the way the colors are presented and though everyone is just standing there, their poses give this aura of great friendship.

The Good:

The dialogue is awesome, the art is stupendously beautiful; there are pretty funny moments in here and this story is a definite improvement over the last issue.  The Cooper story occurring parallel should make for some interesting stuff in the future if it's handled correctly, so that's something that I'm definitely looking forward to, considering the impact of her drunken decisions. At first, I rolled my eyes at the zombie pirates, but I really enjoyed the ride and it paid off nicely at the end, so that's a very big bonus.

The Bad:

Frankly, the back up stories are kind of boring.  It's not that their altogether bad, I just don't think they're worth the extra buck.  I'm willing to pay $3.99 for an entire 32 pages of one story line of Spider-Man, not so much multiple ones that may end up just being inconsequential.  In past issues, it has worked, as it has planted seeds for future arcs, and maybe that will be the case here, but I can't see how this may be beneficial at the moment.


After a few bumps on the road, this story has put ASM back on the track it should stay on.  Caselli's art is always a very nice treat in Spider-Man issues, so maybe I'm a little biased and I seem to enjoy arcs that he pencils a heck of a lot more than anything else not by him.  Regardless, however, the story in this is solid enough to please Spider-Man and FF fans alike.


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