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Spider-man: Webslinger, Avenger, and now a FF

Synopsis: Spider-man adventures with the Future Foundation!

What's Good?

The first few pages with Carlie and Peter finally spending the night together was a bit of a surprise. I mean with Peter having a job, being Spider-man, being part of the Avengers (TWO TEAMS I might add), and now part of the FF, it's amazing that he actually have time for her. It does kind of work out since Carlie does have a job for the police, yet she can't put the pieces together with Peter and Spider-man yet. That may be closer after this issue.

But back to the main issue at hand. Peter's adventures with the FF in this issue are random, all to do with rifts in the space-time continuum, and one of those travels is going to the year 3,141,592,653 (I'm not making that number up). There are some good laughs throughout that makes the adventure entertaining, and a new foe in the shadows that will most likely get his due next issue.

And if these adventures weren't crazy enough, the backup is unheard of. Out of all the team-ups I can recall in Spider-man, this has got the be craziest. Spider-man and Ghost Rider? Ghost Rider is one of those characters that doesn't show up in another comic series without a damn good reason. The last page just left me laughing.

I am a bit tired of seeing the classic artwork look, but it's not bad looking. Javier Pulido does a great job with it, and for this kind of story, it works.

What's Bad?

Really Peter? Not only showing up late for the FF, you dress up in a blue suit with a 4 on it? That's kind of an insensitive thing to do since Johnny just died. Peter does realize that the Fantastic Four are no more and that they are now the Future Foundation right (I know he was half-joking, but come on)? Minor complaint.

Which brings me to my main problem. There are a few inconsistencies with this issue and the FF#1. I know in my mind that this is not the Spider-man's first mission with the Future Foundation, but this issue feels like it is. If you haven't read FF#1 yet, it doesn't really matter much. Don't misunderstand, I'm all for Spider-man having adventures with the Future Foundation, and while I've seen some crazy adventures with Spider-man and the Fantastic Four, these new adventures as the Future Foundation were a bit too bizarre. I was kind of expecting a little bit more considering how the first issue of FF #1 went.

Overall: Despite my complaints, it's not a bad issue. Just not on par with the last few issues. The second part of the FF and Spider-man will probably pick up more ground.

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