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Outstanding Story, Too Many Artists...

To the point and very fitting.  It's a remembrance issue, dedicated to Johnny Storm.  The colors are nice and very fitting as well.  It just has this very nostalgic feel to it, so it's definitely an awesome cover. 
The Good: 
Pretty much the whole issue is full of great moments.  The first panel is very nostalgic and pretty neat.  I found it a nice touch of them sitting around telling tales they remember with Johnny.  It certainly highlights the great relationships each member of the Fantastic Four has had with Peter, especially the Torch.  It's full of sad and joyful moments throughout, some that make you chuckle and others that make you reflect upon the tragedy that has befallen these individuals.   The art by Stefano Caselli continues to amaze me.  I want more of his art in your comics, Marvel, make it so!
The Bad:  
Two quick things prevented this from being five stars in my opinion.  Firstly, the variety of artists works up to a point.  If it had been maybe two at most, it would have been ok, but four?  That's a little much.  Secondly, the fact that this issue comes out almost a full month after Johnny has died severely hurts the impact this would've had on readers.  I feel that maybe this is the issue we should've gotten instead of the issue for Marla Jameson.  I don't think it would've fit, but placement just doesn't make sense altogether.  Also, Marvel botched it up a little bit too by releasing this after FF #1.  It was intended to come out before, and that would've certainly made more sense, since here we see the beginning of how Spider-Man joined the FF, at least from his perspective. 
A great issue, really.  I am really looking forward to Spidey's run in the FF, both in the pages of the FF comic and the tie ins with ASM.  This, however, is a great tribute issue.  A definite read and a definite purchase. 

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