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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #655

Following Marla Jameson's funeral, Spidey has a dream which, yet again, probes deep into his sense of guilt and responsibility.

The Good

Storytelling is king in this issue and I thoroughly enjoyed the breaking-from-norm techniques used in both sections. Marla's "silent" funeral procession conveyed grief in a much more poignant than any amount of overwrought, sorrowful dialog could and I found the rolling surrealism of the dream sequence to be quite alluring - - especially in the Escher-esque double splash where Spidey walks past all his dead love ones.

The Bad

Extending the scope of Peter's dream to include characters and concepts from the whole Marvel Universe certainly fits Spidey's place as a member of a larger community. However, I can't help thinking it dilutes the focus of a solo title. If the Sentry's execution of Carnage is on Peter's mind like this, doesn't it raise the question of why he can't call in, say, Dr. Strange to retrieve Marla Jameson's soul?

The Verdict - 4/5

Every once in a while, a mainstream like this gets some breathing room for interesting storytelling experiments. Indeed, I think the last time I encountered a superhero title with this kind of an elegiac storybook quality was in the Death of Betty Banner issue from Incredible Hulk in the late 90s. As far as big events go, this is definitely one to pay attention to.

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