prims777's The Amazing Spider-Man #654 - Revenge of the Spider-Slayer, Part 3: Self Inflicted Wounds review

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Arc really picks up at the end.

This issue is great. It picks up the arc at the perfect moment and saves a stale and kind of bland arc. The art is great and it seems as if Stefano Caselli has got a hang of drawing Spider-Man and was only warming up on the first 2 issues. It's great and I can't wait for him to do arcs in the future. The story continues its good form and wraps up VERY VERY nicely. And without out spoiling anything there are a few events that will have major consequences. The only fault I have with this issue is the first scene with Peter Parker and Max Modell. It seems a bit far fetched that he would come to that conclusion especially since he's as smart as he is but I digress. The back up story involving venom was fine but I didn't like the art at all. Overall this was a great issue and lately Amazing Spider-Man has been well worth your time so go read it. 4/5 STARS

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