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Where Is Your Spider-Sense Now?!


Peter builds a device meant to interfere with the "Spider-Sense" of Smythe's insect army, but learns that it could affect him and his own sense just as much.


  • Ever see a plate spinner? Those guys who spin multiple plates while they're balanced on top of long sticks? That's kind of what I imagine Dan Slott's plotting would look like if you translated his work into something other than storytelling. He does a great job of managing multiple scenes and scenarios without anything feeling rushed or crammed in. Everything flows smoothly and the pacing is perfect. (Perfect here means fast paced and tense without overdoing it.)

  • I like the idea of Max being someone Peter can confide in (even if only partially) about Spider-Man. I also like how Max's "discovery" of Peter's secret is played up for comedic effect. The script has been great in Amazing Spider-Man lately and it's good to see that the trend is continuing here.

  • The "Rebirth" side story was pretty interesting, if not quite entertaining. Mostly it's just there to set up the next storyline and I'm fine with that, as I'm actually pretty excited to get my hands on the next issue because of it.

  • Speaking of excitement, this issue again does a great job of setting up the next issue without neglecting the current story. There are two major developments in this issue that are bound to have a major effect on Spidey's life and I can't wait to see how they turn out, which brings me to the point of this bullet. The creative team has done a great job of getting me excited to to read the next issue of this comic on a consistent basis, and it's not because I'm a HUGE Spidey fan. (Though I am. I mean, come on. Did you see those all-caps? That's serious business.) It's primarily because these guys are doing a great job of integrating great stories and fantastic art with quality setup. Great job guys.


  • My biggest complaint about this comic really doesn't even have anything to do with this particular issue. I'm just sad to see that Caselli's turn on Amazing is just about done for now. I had really grown to like his style.

  • Scorpion really wasn't that great in this issue, which was something I was worried about. He's just as boring as Smythe is. That's really been the only consistent complaint I've had regarding this arc. The villains just aren't doing it for me. With Venom just around the corner though, things are looking up.



A good conclusion to this story arc. The only real downside was the villains, but everything else was handled very well.

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