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    Spiderman and his Amazing Friends

    Although Spidey may be scorned by the media, I bet his appreciates his own popularity within the Superhero community, because he was in desperate needs of some friends during his struggles in this issue. 
     The Good

    Well, Caselli and Delgado really nailed a pretty beautiful cover. Both in terms of actual line work, and in lighting/colouration. The Avengers look pretty damn baddass as they sit attomp the rubble, and the light from Iron Fist gives this piece a brilliant aura, making it both epic, and endearing. Not a lot is happening in the cover mind you, so its fairly static. But it looks nice. 
    Furthermore, On the matter of interior art. I adore Caselli's quirky take on the Spidey universe. Its mainstream enough to look sofisticated, but at the same time, the stylization from Caselli gives its an appropriate feel for the comic. Also, yet can tell that he's at his best when chorographing big, chaotic fight scenes, as yet again, the parts concerning 'Avengers VS Spider Slayers' are the nicest too look at. Oh, and I adore the way he draws Costumes. Mockingbird in particular looks fantastic
    Finally, Slott himself has really grabbed the bull by the horns, and In my opinion, Big Time is amongst the gems of Post BND Spidey stories. Everything is well paced, and all the little sidestories fit in naturally. Whilst I have little compassion for Smythe. You still are fully able to understand his grudge against Jameson and Spiderman. Its brilliant. Characterization is pretty much spot on, I feel anyway. My personal favourites being the interaction between Ben Grimm and Peter, and The dastardly scheming of Doc Oc. '*88.7% probability he (Allistar Smythe) was adopted' was hysterical
    The Bad

     So many things were perfect in this issue, that it makes it difficult to point out anything bad. In all fairness, its little more than a nitpick, but I felt like the job at Horizon is a little 'Dues Ex Machina'. It just seemed a little cheap that Spidey can just whip off to grab a Spider Sense Disruptor... But yeah. 

     Fantastic Issue. Pick it up.

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