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Conclusion of Big Time's First Arc

So far I think that Big Time has been pretty succesful. It's put a push of excitement in the Amazing line that really hasn't been there since the start of Brand New Day. So how does issue 651, the end of the first arc of Big Time fare? Pretty Good I'd say. Now usually I'm pretty dissapointed with the last book in an arc. The Arc will build itself up and then the final part just can't deliver. It falls flat. This issue kind of does a bit of both. While the main conclusion to the Hobgoblin/Spider-Man story is a little, well... "meh". It's the usual Spidey beats up hobgoblin using some new toys and then hobgoblin escapes just to return a little while later. But then Dan Slott sets up the next few issues quite nicely and has me excited for more Spidey. Also worth noting is that the backup story in this issue is FANTASTIC. All in all I give this a 4/5 stars and my full recommendation. You should definitely be reading this book for your spider-man fill.

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