The Amazing Spider-Man #642

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #642 - Origin of the Species, Part 1 released by Marvel on November 2010.

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    A five part spider-odyssey begins in ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES! With Peter Parker’s ONE MOMENT IN TIME behind him and Mary Jane back in his life, Spidey finds himself ready for a new start…but the various threads of his life since his BRAND NEW DAY are about to crash together violently. When Norman Osborn’s baby is born… every villain on the planet wants the first ever strain of pure Goblin blood, leaving Spider-Man’s friends and family exposed to a Sinister plan that threatens to bring down every strand or Peter’s life that’s been stitched together carefully over the past few years. It may be a cliché to say it…but after ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES absolutely nothing will be the same. Also this issue, we begin a series of covers by the brilliant Marko Djurdjevic that when all put together will form a giant wall-sized Spider poster featuring the people in Spider-Man’s life! Plus…the Spidey Sunday feature continues breaking the 4th wall of Web-swinging Wonder by legends Stan Lee and Marcos Martin (well, Stan’s a legend…Marcos is just a man who draws like one.)


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    A New Beginning ,but How will a baby fit into this 0

      Cover The cover I really enjoy and it makes the issue look very exciting inside. Only if the cover art was the art we had in the story the art would have been great overall. Story All of Spider-man‘s enemies are in one room and they discuss to become a team. Peter is at a camera convention and wants to sell his camera because he is poor and he needs the money but, Betty talks him out of it. So, Peter goes home to get changed because he is hot and wants to change for his date with Carlie. As P...

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    All thats missing is Jerry Springer and a Dr Pepper 0

    After reading this issue, I honestly felt that the recent Amazing Spiderman titles and new storylines are just not making it. For this issue that came out at the same time as the end of OMIT Amazing Spiderman issue 642, this whole villain original revival thing that Marvel has for Spiderman is quickly getting old. Kravens return was nice and honestly needed for any upcoming Spiderman titles, but for this issue alone, well,........ at first I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with th...

    8 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Amazing Spider-Man 642 0

    Looks like this week is one of those beautiful weeks where we, the lovely reader, gets a double dose of Spidey goodness! That's right, it's time for more Spider-Man! It doesn't feel much like it though, since so much of last issue was spent in the past cleaning things up. So this is current time, real world Spidey. And now that he's through the Gauntlet and the Grim Hunt it looks like he's going back to the Origin of the Species.   The issue opens with Hammerhead and Electro meeting up in the a...

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.
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