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    Ups and Downs

     I recently bought Amazing Spider-Man #630, and I have to say it had it's ups and downs. On the upside, the detail of the comic book artwork in this issue was really detailed and realistic. It also brought out the savageness that is the Lizard. Another good thing was it brought the Black Cat into the story to once again fight crime alongside Spider-Man. It showed the conflict in Peter Parker's personal life; which woman should he date: Carlie Cooper, his newest love interest, or the Black Cat, a female vigilante who lives on the wild side. Next, it showed how Curtis Conner's life is getting along since the events of Brand New Day; it turns out that he is no longer a professor at E.S.U., or a top researcher, but a pharmacist working at a drug store for minimum wage. The downside is that it doesn't give enough explanation as to how Curt Conner's got to this point. Also, it doesn't have enough action in it until right at the end and then it just cuts off, but I guess that is just to build suspense. I can't wait until I get my hands on Amazing Spider-Man #631.

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