The Amazing Spider-Man #628

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #628 - Vengeance is Mine released by Marvel on June 1, 2010.

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    "SOMETHING CAN STOP THE JUGGERNAUT, PART 2" The Juggernaut lies helpless before a mysterious Cosmic Avatar who is determined to kill him -- and the only thing standing between them is Spider-Man. If Our Hero wants to prevent further mayhem, he has to try reasoning with an angry being who can squash him like a bug and he has to survive a high-speed chase from one end of Manhattan to the other. Roger Stern and Lee Weeks bring you the second sensational installment of the Spider-Man/Juggernaut Trilogy -- a story the Cosmic Avatar insisted that we call "Vengeance is Mine!"


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    "This won't please the Enigma Force!" 0

    In the 2nd part to Something Can Stop the Juggernaut Spider-Man battles the new Captain Universe, while trying to keep himself and the Juggernaut alive. What You need to know Last issue it was revealed that the new Captain Universe had brutally beaten the Juggernaut and that he is back to finish the job.     The Good Roger Stern delivers a strong script.  It is heavy on the action while still encompassing the traditional Spider-Man we all know and love.   Lee Weeks handles the art, which is cons...

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    Yipee-Ti-Yi-Yo! 0

    This story arc is unbelievable. Written by Roger Stern and penciled by Lee Weeks, part 2 of Something Can Stop the Juggernaut is incredibly good. Do not misunderstand me, it is difficult to find more superlatives, but this 'review' will be infested with them. Because so much fun, so much of a natural geek fun, I've not experienced since Green Lantern #26 with Alpha Lanterns onboard. The story continues with the appearance of Captain Universe and it seems that our ol' friend Juggie did something ...

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    Did web-head web sling his way to the top or get exterminated? 0

    In this issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Spidey is on a cat and mouse chase with Captain Universe to stop him from destroying the Juggernaut.  As the chase goes on, Juggernaut gains conscienceness and looks for Spidey. Captain Universe wrapped Spidey in some metal beam so he can't move as Captain Universe looks for Juggernaut. Juggernaut comes across Spidey and to our suprise he helps him. Now it's Juggernaut and Captain Universe in an epic battle with Spider-Man being the mediator. We are left ...

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