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Deadpool doesn't do a whole lot for me

While there are many Deadpool fans out there who wet their pants just thinking of him, I'm not one of them. Deadpool has never been a favorite of mine, mostly because as a character reliant almost entirely on comedy I've never found him particularly funny. That's not to say Spidey is funny either, but I might have expected that putting the two together might have generated a laugh or two. Instead this issue was an amusing and enjoyable read but not the most spectacular of cross overs. Of course all of that is based off my own tastes as a reader, I think perhaps that's one of the greatest merits and shortcomings of Amazing Spider-Man in general that it attracts such a hugely diverse audience.  Nor did the twist ending do much to excite me. The ending seemed cliched and uninspired, and considering Kelly's recent work on this title I would have expected something more original.

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