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Deadpool doesn't do a whole lot for me 0

While there are many Deadpool fans out there who wet their pants just thinking of him, I'm not one of them. Deadpool has never been a favorite of mine, mostly because as a character reliant almost entirely on comedy I've never found him particularly funny. That's not to say Spidey is funny either, but I might have expected that putting the two together might have generated a laugh or two. Instead this issue was an amusing and enjoyable read but not the most spectacular of cross overs. Of course ...

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I love me some Deadpool & Spider-Man 0

Okay well i love me some Deadpool and i love me some Spider-Man, and this issue surprised me. I almost didn't pick it up because i liked how the series had been going and i didn't want to waste my time with this kind of issue but i'm glad i did. This issue was hilarious as a Spider-Man issue could get...Spider-Man + Deadpool = not quite world peace but its close, Spider-Man dealing with Lady Stilt-Man hilarity, Deadpool "chatting" with good ol' Barac and Spidey vs. Deadpool in a yo mama battle i...

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Amazingly funny, and entertaining 0

I'm a big fan of Deadpool, anyone could guess that. Once I heard Joe Kelly was back in the groove and was going to write Deadpool again, I freaked and had to get this issue on a priority basis and I gotta say that I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.  Joe Kelly proves that he's the best there is when it comes to writing the Merc with the Mouth, and it seems like he had a lot of fun writing this issue. The whole issue is like a Micheal Bay movie, ridiculously pointless but action packed to the...

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The Day After Amazing Deadpool 0

Spider-Man & Deadpool in One Comic?!? I have honestly bin waiting for this to happen for a very long time, sure they've bin together a few timesz but not like this! When i heard about this i immediately called my Contact down at the comic store to hold one for me. Now to the review!   I have just finished reading this comic about an hour ago, And i must admit I wasn't at all THAT disappointed although i expected the comic to be a little more funnier, it still was. The duo in itself was in my...

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Wildly Entertaining 0

So I'm not going to say that good ol' DP stole the show from our favorite Webhead but he sure did one hell of a job at getting close. The dialogue between these two are serious the best I've since Spidey, Daredevil and Punisher decided to show up in Suicide Kings. The art was great as was the action that it conveyed and we can't forget the nice twist at the end.   IMO 5/5 nothing bad to say at all...

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spidey and deady 0

Wow! I mean this issue has a great cover. The cover alone is worth it to buy. To have an issue in which Spider-man and Deadpool battle is great. But not only do they battle they battle with words, this issue also brings up a great lesson. At all costs try to solve your differences with words even if it means attacking someones momma. Deadpool a role model? Maybe that's what this jaded society needs. Someone that can speak his mind, have great style and hella confidence. There should be a Deadpoo...

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