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Okay, it is official, I forgive Spidey for One More Day. This issue has change my opinion of Spider-Man. Sure I still think he's a whiny little idiot who never learns his lesson, but this issue reddems him and almost makes OMD worth it... almost.
Harry is in super-suit and starts wailing on his Dear Old Daddy and Spidey talks him out of it. That's the story in a nutshell, but it has HUGE depth to it.  Joe Kelly is always a hit or amiss for me, while he writes some deep stuff, he also likes ot cross into a weird area and that lead to Superboy to be canceled. But here, he made a home-run!! I like the "angry yelling dialogue between Harry and Norman," and Spider-Man's speech to Harry seem true to the point, with some witty Spidey-Snark to it, and it also seems to define the "My best Friend is my Worst Enemy" that Harry/Peter have been know for. So yeah, buy this comic if you want to stop the Spider-Hating and remind yourself why we love Spider-Man in the first place.

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