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I was never much a reader of Spider-Man, I loved the cartoon show back in the 90s and the movies too. But I was starting to buy them when they had Spidey reveal his secret Identity.... so you can imagine how much I hated One More Day. Not only they recton one of the biggest events of their big event, but erase over 2 decades of Spidey-History and expect us to believe things were better off, sure they brought back Harry, but they got rid of almost everything else except how Gwen Stacy made out with Osborn.
 I only hear about what happens to Spider-Man over the last year, like his fight with Freak, the chance that MJ is jackpot,  Flash Thompson loosing his legs, Eddie Brock becoming Anti-Venom, and, of course, his team up with President Obama. Around this time, it occur to me that nearly everyone but Spider-man was selling the comic, and with this issue, it was no different. 
Only this time,  I actually cared, I saw the twist the ending an online website and it seem so awesome that I wanted to buy it immediately, and trust me, even if you still hate Spider-Man, this issue will start changing your opinion.

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    Norman Osborn is sick this is a great spider-Man story and shows Normans evil side again which is what ive been waiting for since the dark reign started.And poor harry always the victim but this time hes fighting back damn i cant wait til next issue to see him kick his pop dukes butt.You got bullseye torturing Spider-Man and its jus great how they both jus go together comicly, It made me laugh in that short little exchangig of words they had. Menace reveals that norman is the father and not harr...

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