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Harry joins the Dark Avengers 2

Not as good as the previous issue unfortunately. Harry gets a tour of the Avengers tower and Peter infiltrates the Dark Avengers as Venom/ Dark Spider-Man. That’s pretty much all that happens. Hopefully it will pick up with some action next issue. Please check out my bog -

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The Amazing Spider-Man 596# 0

Huh first off i want to say that venom really doesn't come in til the ending and spidey only fights him for a brief moment other wise it has a pretty good story. Venoms new look gives the comic a new sort of turn but i think they should of added a better fight. Dont let the cover fool you most of its not about venom...

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American Son Part 2 1

At a press conference, Harry confirms that he is coming to work with Norman Osborn and his Avengers, and is seen shaking hands with their black-suited Spider-Man (Venom). Peter is watching the replay of the conference and can't believe it, and expresses this disbelief to Harry. Harry can't bring himself to tell Peter just why he's taking the deal, which is to protect his unborn child with Lily. Harry tells Peter that he's a good friend, but that ultimately his family isn't any of his business. H...

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