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like father like son... again?

this is the first issue in the american son arc, which has been pumped up by marvel for a while now. i've been a spidey fan for a long time now and i'm excited about this story line even though i'm not in love with the whole dark reign saga. this issue doesn't reveal too much and is definitely a intro issue, but it's pretty awesome. i like the art and the style, all except petes jimmyeatworld-esque hair cut haha. basically, the out of costume stuff is just ok, but everything else is cool. the story is good so far, although obviously were still waiting for the rest to turn out hopefully just as good. theres a pretty brutal part with spidey throwing osborn that included a full page remake of the classic ASM #39 where goblin has spider-man, except this one is reversed. i think that should of been the cover, but oh well. anyways i love seeing spider-mans dark side. and although a lot of the dark reign tie-ins arent actually very tied in, this story is spidey trying to take osborn down, so i think its gunna be a big deal.

all in all, if your a spidey fan or want to see more dark reign, this story arc should be picked up. i love a classic goblin battle, and hopefully this one with have some new spins as it comes along.
so i give it a 4 :)

P.S. (spoiler)
by the way, if everyone else hasnt figured it out, im pretty sure that this american son guy is really harry. well harry osborn iron patriot style you know ;)

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    Like the title says, WOW WHAT A GREAT ISSUE!!  Part 1 of American Son, and if the next 4 parts are this good, itll be well worth picking up. I honestly cant bring myself to tell you hardly anything at all about this issue. Ok...if you insist ill give you a little taste of what happens, but it will be very vague. Spidey has a little talk with Wolverine about his hatred for Norman Osborn and what hes become. Theres a very strange fist bumping moment, then Wolverine basically tells Peter that if he...

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