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What a Great Issue!

Like the title says, WOW WHAT A GREAT ISSUE!!  Part 1 of American Son, and if the next 4 parts are this good, itll be well worth picking up. I honestly cant bring myself to tell you hardly anything at all about this issue. Ok...if you insist ill give you a little taste of what happens, but it will be very vague. Spidey has a little talk with Wolverine about his hatred for Norman Osborn and what hes become. Theres a very strange fist bumping moment, then Wolverine basically tells Peter that if he ever gets the chance, he needs to finish Osborn off once and for all. Then theres some fun watching Peter mess with Mr.Jameson about how theyre gonna be realated and such. Skip ahead a little bit and theres a great sequence with Spidey beating the crap out of Norman. Then like any good comic theres a moment of 'this cant be happening'. So thats all ill tell you for now , except i really recommend grabbing this one because it could be a great story arc. So pick it up and enjoy!!
.......Oh wait .....whats this.....could it be a SPOILER ALERT!!!  yes it is!!
SPOILER ALERT!!!  Harry's gonna be a DADDY!!..........ya now you have to go pick it up hahaha

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    like father like son... again? 0

    this is the first issue in the american son arc, which has been pumped up by marvel for a while now. i've been a spidey fan for a long time now and i'm excited about this story line even though i'm not in love with the whole dark reign saga. this issue doesn't reveal too much and is definitely a intro issue, but it's pretty awesome. i like the art and the style, all except petes jimmyeatworld-esque hair cut haha. basically, the out of costume stuff is just ok, but everything else is cool. the st...

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