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Nobody's Non-Video Review of Spider-Man #590

Alright, so I'm not going to do a fancy video review on here like some people on here do. But lets do some of the basics.

Storyline starts off with a classic adventure with the Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in the Microverse. This is taking place before the events of One More Day. Spider-Man during this little adventure is shown with his mask off through the whole thing while he is hanging with the F4. After saving some of the locals of this Microverse, it jumps ahead to the present time.

Spider-Man is arresting the villain Looter, when behind him is an Iron Patriot poster. Looter tells Spider-Man that times are different and he won't even have to spend one night in jail. After making a joke, Spider-Man wings off where he runs into the Fantastic Four. Mr. Fantastic tells him that they had received a distress signal from the Microverse asking for the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. Spider-Man agrees to go with them, but as he does Human Torch makes the comment that for some reason he no longer has his name or number anymore. Spider-Man quickly cut him off though. Meanwhile, at F.E.A.S.T. Martin Li, also known as Mr. Negative, is asked to run for Mayor of New York City. Harry Osborn was also shown to take up drinking, probably due to his girlfriend turning out to be Menace.

While in the Microverse, they find that civilization there had expanded greatly. They also found out that the people of the Mircoverse believed Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four to be Gods. They even had statues made for each of them. Mr. Fantastic made a comment that his face appeared much older than it should have. Human Torch notices that Spider-Man's is no wearing his mask and remembers that during there last adventure in the Mircoverse Spider-Man was completely maskless, yet he can't remember what Spider-Man looked like. Spider-Man tells him to drop it, but then they are attacked by men riding giant lizards.  Mr. Fantastic tells Invisible Woman to put a force field around them so he could try to explain something about the Microverse to them. Before he gets a chance though, Human Torch starts freaking out again about not knowing who Spider-Man. Spider-Man tells him one more time to drop it, that nobody can know who he is again. Spider-Man pushed Human Torch down, and as he starts to walk away, Human Torch blasts the back of his mask. Quickly Spider-man throws his burning mask to the ground. When Human Torch sees Spider-Man face the only thing he can say is, "NO WAY!" or close to that.

Alright, so my thoughs on the issue. Overall it was a fun cosmic adventure with the Fantastic Four. Felt very "classic" adventure to me. It was kinda nice getting away from the normal. Now Highlight notes:

  • Mr. Negative running for Mayor - I have a feeling this will at least be played on more during his Dark Reign Tie-In, if not later in Amazing Spider-Man.
  • Harry Osborn's Drinking - This kinda reminds me when he started doing drugs. I would hope they wouldn't do another one of those story arcs with the exact same person though.
  • Human Torch's Reaction - This is very big for me. I like how someone isn't just letting it go that the whole world has forgetten Spider-Man's identity. I mean they remember they used to know who he was, so you would think people would be looking into this.
  • Spider-Man's Reaction - He kept telling Human Torch to drop it everytime he brought up his identity. He then told Human Torch that nobody can know who he is again. No exceptions! First off that line sorta goes against New Avengers #51, where he just revealed himself to his teammates. But also what is important about this, is that Spider-Man seemed to know about the deal with Mephisto, or at least he knew something happened that changed his life to the state it is in now.

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