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    This is the big one! The results are in, the masks are off and Spider-Man might just go down forever! With the secret of Menace revealed and the identity of the Spider-Tracer killer brought to light, the world of Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, Lily Hollister, Carlie Cooper and Vin Gonzales will never be the same! Questions you’ve asked since Spider-Man first entered his Brand New Day will be answered. But who will be left standing to pick up the pieces…and how does it involve Norman Osborn? This one’s a can’t miss, so be there for the conclusion of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!

    In Ryker's Island on Election Day, Spider-Man faces a bunch of convicts as he tries to save Vin's life.  Using the webshooter that was smuggled in, he manages to hold off the convicts and breaks Vin out of prison.  They steal a police van and Vin tells Spidey why Carlie's in trouble.

    At the Hollister Campaign Headquarters, Lily and her father watch the news.  Carlie rushes in and tells them that the entire NYPD is after her.  She tells the them about the conspiracy she uncovered.  Two officers barge in with their guns drawn.  Bill Hollister tries to stop them but is told he isn't the mayor yet.  Lily isn't too happy.

    Harry stands on a rooftop pondering what he should do next.  He knows Lily has to be stopped (as Menace) and contemplates donning the Green Goblin outfit to do so.

    The call goes out that Menace is attacking police officers.  Spider-Man tries stopping Menace.  He's not doing so well due to all his recent injuries.  He thinks how he hasn't been hurt this badly since Morlun.  Menace says that Spider-Man was needed alive before but that isn't the case.  Menace prepares to kill him when a hyperdermic needle is shot at Menace.  Harry has arrived on a glider wearing a Goblin mask.  Spidey hears their conversation and plunges the needle into Menace.  Nearby, a film crew is broadcasting the fight live.

    Bill watches the news and sees Menace revert to Lily just as one of his workers tells him that he's projected as the winner in the election.  The police prepare to take Spider-Man back to prison but Harry grabs him and flies him away.

    The next day it's reported that despite the news of Lily, Bill still won the election.  At the same time, police Sergeant Palone is trying to destroy his supply of Spider-tracers but is stopped by Vin.  Vin plans on bringing him in. Palone says that he'll have to go back to prison as well.  Vin continues to read Palone his rights.

    Norman visits Lily in custody.  Seeing that she had the engagement that used to be his wife's, he welcomes her to the family.


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    Character Assassination made me want to read Spider-man again. 0

    This is how i want my Spider-man stories to be told.So i got the issue a little late, i rushed down to the nearest comic store and picked the last one up(lucky man), i then unfolded my case and removed the wonderful cover from the case and started to read.   Now, being a comic fan iv'e read a lot of comics during the course of the month one of them being character assassination. After i read the Straczynski runs years ago i never wanted to read another issue again, a friend of mine boasted about...

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